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Samir Elbassiouny
Foundation Executive Director

Warren County Community College
475 Route 57 West
Washington, NJ 07882
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Contact samir@warren.edu

Name:   Mohamad H. Alsafrjalani

Graduation Year:  Class of 2003

Degree:  Computer Science/Liberal Arts

WCCC Honors: Phi Theta Kappa 


Transferred To: New Jersey Institute of Technology 

1)   What did you like most about WCCC?
In a time like our time, when highways are congested with traffic, and when assiduous students hunt for a quiet place to study, a location away from downtown may be preferred. WCCC is located in a quite neighborhood, away from noise and traffic; studying outside while having lunch in spring or summer was just amazing, it was like studying at a quiet library.

As far as student to teacher ratio, I would say it was almost perfect. The class size ranged between 5 and 20. I remember having calculus II with 4 other students in the class, and that was more like private teaching to me. I had the opportunity to question and discuss abstruse topics as if I was the only student in class

Finally, I would like to thank the student services department for their promptness in responding to students. There were many situations when they got the work done sooner than my expectations.

2)  What are you doing now? Where are you at and what's your major?
After graduating from NJIT as a computer engineer with a minor in math, I worked as an application engineer for a large telecom company, but due economical difficulties, I am on the job market since Oct. Being off work gave me time to prepare myself for my graduate admission examinations and application filing. Although my plan to go back to graduate studies was made in August, extra free time did help getting all documents sent and application submitted on time.

3)   In what ways did WCCC prepare you to succeed at NJIT?
Professors inspire their students with lectures and lead them by example. I was lucky enough to have professors at WCCC who loved to share their experiences with me and encouraged me to advance in academia. Whether it was a humanity, history, or technology-based course, the teachers were always there and encouraging. One semester after the other, supportive professors helped me build a solid self-confidence that helped during my first semester at NJIT.

Please do not forget about scholarships. PTK played a key role in my financial support during my NJIT trip.
4)  What are your future plans?
My near future plan is to go back for graduate studies. My main career goal is to be able to conduct research and solve problems when put in any situation, whether it is an academic or industrial environment. After my graduate studies are finished, I would like to share my zeal for learning and computer engineering with future generations and perhaps inspire them to want to do research and change the world as I have been inspired by some of my professors.